Centered around Midland, North Carolina, Cabarrus Station proudly shares the rich history of Cabarrus County and bluegrass music. Our blend of bluegrass, country, gospel, and southern rock creates a driving and unique sound that brings audiences to their feet. 

Angel Paez
Charlotte, NC

Angel Paez was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He started casually listening to bluegrass when he was in middle school, but it wasn’t until he got into high school that he began to get more serious about learning the style and the important figures of the genre. Angel was involved in a bluegrass club that his high school offered. The club created his passion for the genre. Aside from playing fiddle he also likes to play piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, and accordion. Angel just graduated from Catawba College as a double major. His degree is in Popular Music and Music Business. He is back home in Charlotte now looking for a job that would suit him. “Now that I’ve graduated, being in Cabarrus Station for me means the start of a new opportunity to grow and learn with new friends!” When Angel is not playing music, he likes to relax with friends and family. He loves to travel around the world with them as much as possible. Angel also has a deep passion for cars and motorcycles.

Aaron Baker
Marshville, NC

Aaron Baker was born in Charlotte NC. He currently resides in Marshville, NC. Aaron was introduced to bluegrass at a young age. He started teaching himself guitar when he was a child. He eventually found himself playing many bluegrass tunes as his learning progressed. Over the years, Aaron became obsessed with bluegrass music. His favorite hobbies outside of music are fishing and dirt track racing. “Being a part of Cabarrus Station is an honor. I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together as a band, and I think of each of the guys as extended family. This band is my home away from home, and I love being a part of a group that can bring a smile to someone’s face with the power of music.”

Emory Welch
Huntersville, NC

Emory’s start in bluegrass was when he started taking banjo lessons at the age of 8 after begging his parents since he was 5. He was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida. After about a year of playing he joined a kid’s bluegrass band and his teacher would take him places to jam on a regular basis. After 3 years of playing the banjo, Emory realized that girls liked guys that played the guitar. So, he decided to switch instruments. Emory has always loved bluegrass and listened to it even though he wasn’t playing it. In high school Emory was blessed to receive a number one ranking in the Florida state contest as a singer in his Junior year and Senior year. With that award, Emory had the opportunity to go to college on a vocal performance scholarship. In college he sang everything from pop and madrigal to classical. Mostly classical, but all the while maintaining a love for bluegrass. By the time Emory graduated, he had grown weary of music and decided to go a different direction. Some time in his late 30s Emory decided to give bluegrass another try after hearing Adam Clark play the mandolin. He picked up the mandolin and landed the role of Uncle Stanley in Smoke on the Mountain and ended up doing a three-year run of that trilogy. He later had the opportunity to be the musical director for that same show. Even though Uncle Stanley is supposed to play bass, they let Emory play mandolin after the opening number, and he was able to develop some skill as a mandolin picker. Emory has had the excellent fortune of picking bluegrass from Florida to Alaska. “I am so excited to be a part of Cabarrus Station. My goal has been to find a band of musicians that are all better than me and to join that group. Well, it isn’t hard finding musicians that are better than me, the challenge was to be able to join the group. So that has finally happened, and I send out a heartfelt thanks to “the boys in the band.””

Peden Williams
Concord, NC

Peden Williams was born in Bucharest, Romania. He was adopted as a baby to the United States, and has lived in Concord, NC his whole life. He is finishing his degree in History at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His start in music came after wanting to learn to play the harmonica like a friend in church. Around that time, he received a canjo, which is a one string instrument that had a dulcimer fretboard and a mountain dew can. In tenth grade, Peden started listening to a bluegrass radio program before school every morning. This morning routine would lead into an obsession. After seeing his growth on the canjo, Peden’s grandpa decided it was time for him to have a banjo. He began taking banjo lessons from Ronnie Hatley and started playing at bluegrass jams in the area. With the help of some notable banjo players, Peden has developed his own style. Peden also enjoys playing guitar and dobro. “Being a part in Cabarrus Station is so important to me. Bluegrass is seriously growing in my soul, and to be a part of this band is what keeps me going. I’m so thankful God gave me this wonderful gift.” Outside of music Peden enjoys, playing disc golf, going to small town races, and hanging out with friends and family. He currently teaches beginner banjo lessons. Contact (704) 918-3117 if interested. 

Jeremy Nash
Monroe, NC

Jeremy Nash was born and raised in Monroe NC. He started playing bass at 12 after his dad taught him a few chords. Later in his life, he started playing in church, and with family at reunions. This sparked a passion for the bass, and he has been keeping the beat ever since. “It's an honor to play bass for Cabarrus Station, these guys are like my family, and I can't wait to see where we go. With the talent that we have, the sky is the limit.” Outside of Bluegrass Jeremy has a strong faith in God, and love for his family. Outside of music, Jeremy’s hobbies include RC cars, drones and guns.